About Matt

Matthew Meyer will be a different kind of leader for New Castle County.

He has lived an extraordinary life of service, educating high needs Wilmington children and creating jobs in some of the most challenging neighborhoods on earth. Matt has won awards for his Mathematics instruction, worked as an attorney at a leading global law firm, started two companies and volunteered to go to Iraq as a diplomat. As a diplomat during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, Matt worked with Americans and Iraqis to build a lasting peace in Mosul, embedded with the US military for one year.

Matt was raised in Wilmington and attended Brandywine School District schools Harlan Elementary School and Shipley Elementary School before graduating from Friends. He spent his last month while a senior at Friends volunteering at Habitat For Humanity, building houses along Vandever Avenue in Wilmington, side-by-side with low income families who simply wanted to have a fair chance to own a quality home.

Matt has four years of teaching experience, initially as a member of Teach For America. Matt taught middle school Mathematics at Prestige Academy and was known among his students for using creative hip hop songs and computer-intensive instruction. Several of his students spent their free time trading stocks on mock stock exchanges after their sixth grade school year.

Matt won awards for attracting a federal grant, using no local taxpayer funds, to create the See It, Believe It, Achieve It after-school program for over 100 children. The technology-intensive program continued for over ten years after his departure from the school.

After studying Political Science and Computer Science at Brown University and receiving offers from elite software firms, Matt chose to move to Nairobi, Kenya, where he taught himself Swahili and started Ecosandals, a footwear business he created that has sold environmentally-friendly footwear to customers on 17 countries in 5 continents for over two decades.

Numerous groups and organizations have recognized Ecosandals’ work in creating innovative job opportunities in neighborhoods facing extreme poverty. Those groups include CNN, the United Nations, the World Bank, BBC, Al Jazeera and Current TV, which on national TV called Matt an all-around super human. Ecosandals continues to create employment opportunities in neighborhoods of Nairobi, Kenya where residents are desperate for meaningful work. Matt recently created VituMob, a company that sells American products online, shipped from Wilmington, to customers in East Africa. The company is the first of its kind to create jobs in both Africa and Delaware and is on pace to have over $1 million of sales in its first full year.

In 2009, Matt volunteered to go to Iraq as a diplomat with the State Department of the United States. Matt coordinated economic programs in Mosul, Iraq, then considered among the most dangerous cities in the world. He spent one year embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Cavalry Division on Forward Operating Base Marez. Matt chaired a committee of US generals, diplomats and USAID officials that designed, directed and managed over $30 million of direct United States assistance to create a safer Iraq.

Matt lives in the Trinity Vicinity neighborhood of Wilmington.

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