Blueprint for the Arts in New Castle County

Read the complete arts policy by clicking here. (.pdf)

I acted in the 1990 Delaware Theatre Company performance of “Files,” Sarah Schenck's award-winning Delaware school play. As a math teacher at Prestige Academy, I used music and visual and performance art to teach. As the creator of the globally-recognized Ecosandals in a Nairobi, Kenya shantytown, I learned that creating a global, high technology footwear business required a beautiful marriage of art and science. We must teach our children STEAM not just STEM.

Our government should create the canvas on which our artist citizens paint. In some cases, that means prioritizing arts funding. In other cases, that means finding space for artists to create. And other times that means providing leadership, bringing people together so that artists can thrive here and so that New Castle County is recognized as a leading East Coast arts destination.