Blueprint to Address Heroin Dependency

Read the complete heroin policy by clicking here. (.pdf)

From Claymont to New Castle to Middletown, from Bear to Wilmington to Pike Creek, the heroin and opiate addiction is everywhere.

A crisis on this scale requires a coordinated public policy response, including extensive collaboration across government agencies, among different governments and between the public sector and private sector. Heroin is now “more plentiful, purer and cheaper than ever before,” according to recent News Journal reporting. Meanwhile, treatment resources are scarce and inadequate, and the quality of care is lacking. As the News Journal stated: “The standard of care is substandard across the country, but in Delaware it is especially so.”

Emergencies call for swift, immediate and decisive action. And yet, our county’s leadership has been taking slow, incremental action to address the problem, without addressing the roots of the problem. This is not sufficient, and it is not acceptable.

This policy presents the most comprehensive effort to address our county’s heroin and opiate crisis. It is a first step.